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Custom orders are always welcome here at Black Hound Leather! We can work with any design inspiration and are open to creating any products you may desire.


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For Dog Collar Inquiries
Please provide the following information if you are inquiring about a custom dog collar.
This measurement can be obtained by 1) measuring your dog's neck with a soft tape at the approximate height you'd generally adjust their collar to or 2) measuring an existing collar from where the buckle meets the collar to the current hole in use.

About Custom Orders


To begin the custom order process please fill out the form above. Be as detailed or as vague as you'd like!


We will send an email once the custom order request is received to discuss your item. (please allow 1-2 business days for response so that we can look over your request thoroughly.) 


Please note: Custom orders take time (generally items ship 8-10 weeks starting from date of payment). We want to make sure your item is perfect and exactly what you envisioned so please be patient and we will make sure we create the item of your dreams!